Sugar gliders are adorable *

What staple diet do I feed my gliders? *

Why did I choose Ink's name? *

How far can sugar gliders glide? *

Sugar gliders are awake in the middle of the day *

Sugar glides have a natural smell *

Hamsters wheels are fine for sugar gliders to use *

Sugar gliders need regular vaccines to stay healthy *

Sugar gliders can live.... *

Cat saliva is toxic to sugar glides *

How much time (on average) do I spend with my gliders at the moment? *

Females have two uteri *

Females sing to their joeys *

What is a live creature that sugar glider owners feed to their pets? *

Both parents help care for joeys *

Sugar gliders are solitary animals *

Full grown sugar gliders can squeeze through 1 1/2 inch wide bars *

Sugar glides love to climb *

Joeys are what size when they are born? *

How much do healthy adult gliders weigh (on average)? *

How long is a glider's tail? *

Sugar glides are part of what family? *

Sugar gliders are originally from.... *

Bonding with your glider can take anywhere from ---- to -----. *

Sugar gliders became pets in the US in.... *

How many scent glands do male sugar gliders have? *

Sugar gliders can bark *